Are you looking for a laptop or a desktop?

The portability of your computer can affect things like screen size options as well as the internal components of a system.


What is the purpose of this computer purchase?

The intended use of a computer can help narrow down the requirements of your machine.  If you're browsing the internet compared to video editing, you won't need as cutting edge technology, thus minimizing costs.


How much memory do you need?

The more memory you have, the better your machine will be at multitasking and using different applications at the same time.
2 GB will approximately handle 3 applications at a time. 4GB will handle 4-9 applications. 8GB will handle 10-15 applications are fewer heavy duty applications, like video/photo editors. 12GB+ will handle almost anything these days.


How much storage do you need?

Storage needs vary based on your intended use.  If you're mostly going to be browsing the internet and using a word processor, your file sizes will be very small.  If you're interested in storing photos, videos and music, your file sizes will be large, and a larger hard drive will be needed.


How much do you want to spend?

Price is sometimes a frustrating thing.  Determining your top price will help distinguish the system components that can and cannot be incorporated into your future computer.


Which of the following do you plan to do?

The graphics card within your computer regulates how well your system will perform with displaying various imagery. If you plan to use your computer to watch HD videos, an integrated grapphics will be efficient and yet that lowers your expense. If you are a gamer, you need a Nividia GeForce or ATI Radeon. A professional video or graphics designer needs a Nividia Quadro to work better.


What kind of disc drive must it have?

Determining the disc requirements of a machine can help add or eliminate options for your future computer.


How big do you want the screen size to be?

Screen size helps determine portability and resolution.  In most cases, larger the screen size, the higher the resolution you'll be working with.

Anti-glare/ Led/ IPS/ Touch Screen

Do you want an anti-glare/ Led/ HD/ Touchscreen display?

Anti-glare display renders graphics at a higher resolution than almost any other computers on the market.  An anti-glare display will give you a sharpness unlike any display out there, but at a high price point. It is really helpful when you have work outdoor a lot.


How fast does this computer need to process information?

Think of a processor like the human brain, managing all functions of the body.  The stronger a computer processor, the faster a computer can function.


How long battery life do you need?

If you have to work out of you office, a long battery life will be a good option. However, that means you havea heavier machine.


Which operation system do you prefer?

Choose the OS that you find it compatible and you are familiar with.


Which of following brands do you prefer?

Choose your own favorite manufacturer or try the new one.